Tanzania is one of the exceptional destination for travel professionals. We plan and organize unforgettable safaris both in southern and northern Tanzania circuits, beach holidays, cultural tourism and exotic beadworks, and intimate African bush walking experience. We offer tailor made safaris, should you choose us to be your host, be assured you will have the time of your life. We welcome you to be close to nature, enjoy the rhythm and sound of wildness “REAL AFRICA “learns about nature and its environment. We will offer you impressive team of professions, best graduates from various wildlife training institutes to guide you all the way.


Hello!I’m Essauh A. Ndanshau managing director at Shikra African explorer would love and hope our guest to have a relaxing and enjoyable trip all more confident in the knowledge that your in superb hands.


Shikra African explorer is proud to share with you its different pristine safari itineraries. Lets now talk our language;

ARROW LABEL (3 -4 Days)


TURSKER LABEL (5 - 6 Days)

BRONZE LABEL (6 - 7 Days)


For travelers who prefer to see Africa at their own pace and their own schedule we offer the shikra African explorer personalized safari. we will tailor for you an exquite safari to meet your exact desires, with no request too difficult, no details too small and no luxury overlooked. trust us to discover the new, interesting and the off the beaten path. a customized trip offers privacy, choice, complete flexibility and a cast of fascinating character thought. we look forward to further exploring with you the marvelous possible of shirka African explorer ”your wish is truly our pleasure”



Its not surprising that this elegant form of aerial travel has become part of so many travelers safari passion. dramatic and exhilarating its offers a spectacular vantage point from which to view Serengeti  and Tarangire national parks magnificence. You ascend in the early morning when the air is crisp and clear with an ideal condition. A dawn break over the horizons, throwing light and shadow across the land, the drama of life in the wild unfolds below you. you drift serenely over the herds of zebra and wildebeest migration. Birds of prey swoop past, elephant and giraffe cast a curious glance your way. As you float  above the spender of Serengeti, you will see its anew from your lofty perspective. the beauty of wildness as seen from the early morning African sky ,is an unparallel experience we strongly recommend



Coffee is among the famous cash crop grown in Tanzania-Arusha. Arabica coffee grows in higher altitude mostly above 1800m above sea level .Robusta is another type of coffee that is grown around Arusha  low lands plains. we will offer you a coffee visit tour around Arusha the the different production stages from hand picking to grounding and roasting. the coffee around here is organic and is locally prepared.



Zanzibar, come and explore Zanzibar with us-we offer tours and excursions for every aspect. From excursions to introduce you to the history, culture, flora and fauna of the island to exciting sea-safari.its perfumed air caresses travelers with scents of the spice that have grown in abundance thought the island. For ocean lovers, we offer snorkeling, fishing games sailing trips. From traditional dhows to powerful speed boats trips.

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Shikra African Explorer

Shikra African explorer is a locally owned tour company based in Arusha – Tanzania. We are committed to our guest in providing a perfect African getaway experience.


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